Our Logo shows three person hugging themselves.

This is a symbol of friendship. In old Mexico people stand around an open fire to celebrate freedom and friendship. If you present this symbol to a friend, the friendship should last forever.


We change projects, so the projects will change the world!

Pm-experten is well known as a company for outstanding knowledge transfer by doing consulting, training, research and developments and publications since 1995.

Our core competences are in the areas of project management and process management and we cover further areas and topics in business administration like strategy, controlling, etc. With our long-term co-operational partners we even offer a broader spectrum of knowledge transfer.

Our rooms are located near to Bremen in Ganderkesee, Germany. We are working in Germany and all over the world. Our long-term customers especially appreciate our holistic approach and intensive care

e are working as volunteers at GPM Deutsche Gesellschaft für Projektmanagement e.V. and IPMA International Project Management Association additionally. Thor Möller was e.g. a member of the board of directors at GPM from 2004 to 2012.

PM-experten is part ofthe group  con-thor Unternehmensgruppe

con-thor Unternehmensgruppe

Dr. Thor Möller

Riedenweg 21

D - 27777 Ganderkesee



Contact details:

Telefon: +49-4222-946 46 77

Mobile:  +49-160-9473 2000

E-Mail: thor@con-thor.de

We especially support the implementation and optimisation of project management.

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